Joe and Faith

Bohemian Wedding Set in the Heart of Chicago Makes it Easy for Wedding Photographer to Turn Heads

Chicago Bohemian Wedding Gives Wedding Photography Classic Candid Shots

Where else would you hold a modern bohemian wedding, other than one of the most versatile galleries in Chicago? Faith and Joseph turned the Floating World Gallery into their own romantic, bohemian get together to celebrate their special day. The Fiona Image wedding photographer had plenty of opportunities to catch the classic and candid style of the happy couple as they danced the night away.

The Venue

The Floating World Gallery located at 1925 N. Halsted in Chicago, IL, is an award-winning venue that prides itself on its incredible versatility. The staff at eth Floating World Gallery agrees, “it all begins with a single vision.” That vision is one of the two people standing at the end of the aisle. They work to “turn that vision into a flawless reality, from start to finish.” From their website, “Imagine your Chicago loft wedding in the award-winning space of Floating World Gallery, surrounded by masterpieces of classic and contemporary Japanese art. Picture yourself in this intimate urban venue.”

The Floating World Gallery truly is a work of art itself. The wedding and reception area can be molded to suit the modern of weddings or to accommodate a more traditional flare. The party can last until the wee hours with music being allowed until Midnight. The Floating World Gallery even has a list of vendors making the choices easy to narrow down. The space even has on-site storage for flowers and decorations, making it easy to have everything coordinated on site.

The City

The windy city of Chicago is world famous for its iconic skyline and beautiful views. Your wedding photographer will have no shortage of scenery to capture your bohemian wedding. Consider the sweeping city-scape views from the Skydeck Chicago or Signature Room on the 95th. Or maybe a non-traditional shoot for your bohemian wedding, like the Navy Pier with its views of the fairgrounds. Or the beautiful oasis of Lincoln Park.

Chicago has over 8000 acres of green space to choose from and art galleries galore. Your guests will have no trouble finding things to do surrounding the ceremony time. Food from the far corners of the earth is a mere stone’s throw away in this metropolis, they can cater to your guests’ every craving around the clock!

The Wedding

Faith and Joseph turned the Floating World Gallery into their own bohemian bungalow! Their Fiona Image wedding photographer was able to capture their preferred portrait style of candid shots throughout the celebration. The couple choices of navy, burgundy, and black added a touch of modern to their romantic style.

Their 70 plus guests had a ball celebrating the couple of the night! If you are hoping to capture your precious wedding moments professionally, contact Fiona Image, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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