Kathy and Willy

Short and Sweet Wedding in Chicago Means Casual and Candid Pictures for Wedding Photographer

Short and Sweet Weeding is Lots of Fun for Couple, Guests and Wedding Photographer Looking for That Perfect Shot

Kathy and Willy wanted a short and sweet wedding ceremony followed by a casual and cool party—and that’s just what they got.  The Chicago couple wanted their Fiona Image wedding photographer to capture the candid moments of the fun night, nothing too traditional or posed, just eye-catching moments to last a lifetime.

The Venue

The couple chose the Concord Fifty Five in Chicago IL.  It’s located at 1355 W. Concord Place, Chicago, IL 60642 and offers industrial views not normally seen in traditional ceremonies.  But those unusually and raw sides of Chicago are just what this couple wanted for their short and sweet wedding.  According to the venue’s web page, “Concord Fifty Five offers a stunning raw space that provides the pliancy and flexibility to facilitate a variety of events.”

Guests enter the venue through a “dazzling landscaped” courtyard featuring seasonal foliage, Fuego 6 burner grille, and patio.  The Concord Fifty Five main room shows off the original brick, exposed beams and floor to ceiling windows. The staff says it can “suit your needs to accommodate weddings, receptions, showers, birthday parties, special occasion dinner parties or business meetings or anything else.”  The experienced team works closely with the couple throughout the planning process to ensure a “seamless and outstanding” experience.

The City

The windy city of Chicago is world famous for its iconic skyline and beautiful views.  Depending on your ceremony, your wedding photographer will have no shortage of scenery to capture your short and sweet wedding.  Before the ceremony, consider the sweeping city-scape views from the Skydeck Chicago or Signature Room on the 95th.  Or maybe a non-traditional shoot for your short and sweet wedding, like the Navy Pier with its views of the fairgrounds.  Or the beautiful oasis of Lincoln Park.  If an industrial feel is more you think, consider the area around the Concord Fifty Five, it fits the bill for a casual cool, feel.

Chicago has over 8000 acres of green space to choose from and art galleries galore.  Your guests will have no trouble finding things to do surrounding the ceremony time.  Food from the far corners of the earth is a mere stone’s throw away in this metropolis, they can cater to your guests’ every craving around the clock!

The Wedding

Kathy and Willy were committed to a short and sweet wedding with a casual feel.  They had no wedding party but hundreds of guests showed up to celebrate.  The Fiona Image wedding photographer had plenty to work with as guests chowed down on taco truck fare, tamales cart eats along with drinking and dancing.  The couple wanted a celebration that showcased family and unity—that’s just what was captured on film.

If you are hoping to capture your cool and casual wedding moments professionally, contact Fiona Image, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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