Old Hollywood Wedding Creates Vintage Playland for Wedding Photographer

Laura Hughes and Scot chose the perfect backdrop for their old Hollywood wedding. The couple wanted a rustic and ethereal style with the vintage flair of old Los Angeles. Their Fiona Image photographer was able to capture the mostly outdoor wedding with stunning flare as the couple celebrated at the historic Brookledge home in Hollywood.



The Venue
Home to its own theatre and performing troupe, Brookledge is the stuff of Hollywood Wedding legends. According to the LA Times, “It is the home of Irene Larsen, who with her late husband Bill and his brother Milt co-founded one of the world’s most famous private magic clubs: Hollywood’s Magic Castle.” The magic is still in the air of the eccentric Spanish Style home named after the brook that actually flows through the property.



The Huffington Post says, “It is indeed a magical place, with the restored theatre, an exotic secret garden and that wonderful bridge-covered brook running through the property.” What’s not to love about a wedding with its own private stream? This is a wedding photographer’s dream venue.



Brookledge is considered one of the most extraordinary places in Los Angeles. Paul Reubens called it, “A place you can hardly believe exists. A fairy tale come to life.” The home is now in the hands of Erika Larsen, who knows the value of the vintage mansion. She came up with the idea to make the Brookledge an event center with a theatre.



The City
Los Angeles is one of the biggest destination cities in the country. Your wedding guests will have no shortage of ways to pass the time before the big day. Guests with children can even pop over to Disneyland, or get lost on the mansions and vintage star power of the Hollywood Hills. The city is sprawling but still carves out ample green space and oceanside views for pictures and relaxation. Food from across the globe can be found just a stone’s throw away from hotels and attractions.



One particular spot has emerged as a favorite for guests and wedding photographers because of its sweeping views of the mountains. Griffith Park, in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains and, is the largest state park in California. The park is home to the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, a Greek theater, golf courses, tennis courts, hiking trails, and scenic drives through the mountains.

The Wedding
Laura and Scot chose the Brookledge for its obvious magic and charm. Their wedding entertained over 125 guests and their Fiona Image wedding photographer managed to capture the nightlife of the incredible backdrop.


If you are hoping to capture your precious wedding moments professionally, contact Fiona Image, we can help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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