Pre Wedding Jitters (How to Rid Yourself of Stress)

Everyone knows that a wedding is a serious to do but does anyone know all the stress that goes with it? Only a few do, and those are the people who have already planned and had their wedding. If you are a person who has recently gotten engaged and is planning a wedding, you are in for a lot of stress. Weddings are only one thing before the big day, stress. Now, how are we able to rid yourself of those jitters and stress.
First, look around and think of everyone who you talk to. If you are having a problem and do not know what to do who can you call? Who is your best friend and helper through your journey of wedding planning? If you have someone who is always helping you, you will be able to relieve a tremendous amount of stress.
Second, meditation is always useful. If you are full of anxiety and stress, you should meditate. Clear your mind and relax. There is still so much to do but if you are becoming overwhelmed it will not help. Meditation can help clear your mind and give you the right mindset to continue.
Essential oils can also help keep your mood calm and collect. Some oils can help you concentrate, calm down, and focus. These scents change your attitude and can help you achieve your goals for the wedding.
Your fiance is in this with you. Even though you are planning a wedding does not mean you should exclude your fiance. Make sure you two stay connected during the planning process. Make sure to take time for the two of you. Do not forget that spending time together without wedding planning is important too.
Remember, always make sure you are taking care of yourself. You are important, and the wedding planning can wait a day or two if you feel the need to take a break. Do not over stress yourself because you can get sick from it. So enjoy a walk, go for a ride, and relax.
You are going to be nervous on the week and day of your wedding. It is normal to be nervous, and it is natural. Our bodies know that something is going to be different. You are making a huge transition in life. If you start to question your commitment to your significant other, that is also alright. It does not mean you do not want to get married but that you are nervous. Talk to someone you trust to get this jitter out. Being unsure of how it is going to go is okay. It is okay to question things as well. But, most of the thoughts you have during this time will all fade away when you say “I do.”
Keep a journal or diary. If you are becoming stressed and do not have time to call or talk to anyone make sure you are keeping your thoughts. It helps to write down your thoughts because then they are out. Now you don’t have them flying around your head, and you can relax.
Make sure you are not doing everything yourself. Have a friend or three help you. There is no shame in having someone help you with your wedding. It is normal to have people helping you because there is a lot to do. Have fun when you get together to do things for your wedding.
Enjoy all the time you have planning your wedding. When planning a wedding, make sure your fiance can make some decisions about the marriage as well. Make sure that your fiance knows what you are doing. Also, make sure you are taking care of yourself before anything. Do what you need to do to remain calm, happy, and stress-free.

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