How To Save Money When Planning a Wedding

When planning a wedding, you may feel overwhelmed because of all the costs. It is essential that you are aware of the little things that could save you big. There are many different tips to help you have the best wedding possible for the lowest amount of money.
When thinking about setting a wedding date make sure to take your time. When you take your time, you can find the best venues and deals around. You can book everything ahead of time, so prices do not go up. You can search around for the best deals while having no rush to get everything set and going.
Now once you have thought about how long you want to wait before getting married, you need to set the date! When setting a date, make sure you do not get married on a Saturday. It does sound crazy, but if you get married on any other day, you will save a significant amount of money. You can save up to a couple of thousand dollars by not having your wedding on a Saturday.
This is an important tip so listen. Book venues that allow you to adventure away from their vendors. If you can bring alcohol and food, you are saving a lot of money. Booking a vendor from a venue is going to raise your prices. Some people have saved over seven thousand dollars by not booking a vendor. They save big, and they are only buying more things themselves which saves money in the long run.
Many people do not think about hotels, lodging, or hosting. But, if you want to save a buck and help out your family and friends, book a house. You can rent a house for a weekend to help save on travel costs and hotel rooms. Sometimes this deal even comes in the venue.
Another important tip, listen up. You don’t realize that what is affecting your wedding price is your wedding itself. You need to have your wedding and reception in the same place. Booking together can save you a ton of money. When you book, you are paying two full priced buildings. Why book two when one place is cheaper?
Another idea for a reception instead of booking a room and paying for it, why not have it in your backyard? If you have a nice backyard have people come over. Your guests can bring their refreshments (or you supply them) and have a bonfire. When people bring their alcohol, they know what they are getting is what they want. Then there are no complaints. But, having water and soda would be a great idea. No one says you have to be fancy and dressed up for a reception. You can have a good time with your family, friends, and save money while doing so. People can even bring tents and sleeping bags if you are drinking and there is room for tents.
This tip cannot be more stressed. Do not serve a sit-down dinner. This will cost you big time if you do. The more people you have at your wedding, the more you pay. Plus if you save around one thousand dollars on a sit-down dinner you can now add this to your honeymoon funds. Now, another tip to go along with this one, do not serve chicken or fish. These two meals are always at weddings. Try something different. Order from a restaurant, do a barbecue or cook yourself. If you cook yourself or order anything, you will save you money.
Lastly, if you want to save the most amount of money, get married in the courthouse. You still can have a bridesmaid and best man, but it is cheaper. There is no renting of a building or any big to do. At the courthouse, it is you, your dress(if you choose), and your fiance. The family is also able to witness your marriage as well. It is a very cheap and basic option.
Weddings shouldn’t be stressful, and you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to marry the love of your life. If you follow these tips and more, you are sure to save a fortune.

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